About EEF

The European Epidemiology Federation (EEF) is an official group within the IEA.  It originated as the IEA European Group as ratified at the Council Meeting held in Japan in August 1996. All members of the IEA in Europe are automatically members of the EEF. The IEA subscription for Western European members includes an earmarked $10 per year to further the aims of the EEF. Western European members are defined as members living in countries in the European Union plus Norway and Switzerland).

Actions proposed or already taken by European Epidemiology Federation include:

  • Annual international IEA EEF meetings in Europe (equivalent to IEA Regional Meetings held elsewhere).
  • Advocacy for epidemiological interests when issues of relevance for our research options are debated. For example, the proposed drafts on limitations on the use of personal data within the European Community are likely to greatly restrict epidemiological research. The EEF has already sent a closely argued document to the EC seeking modification to the rules.
  • Fostering of closer relationships with WHO-EURO in Copenhagen to improve epidemiological expertise in all countries of Europe – and particularly those in Eastern Europe.
  • Improvement in training in epidemiology and public health in Eastern Europe.
  • Fostering closer associations between IEA and other European Epidemiological groups.
  • Organization of short-term training courses – e.g. the EEPE course in Florence.

The IEA European Epidemiology Federation runs an e-mail service for the members. We use this service to provide information, announce meetings and seminars, vacant positions, etc. If you want to join the e-mail list, please contact Prof Patricia Kearney.